Introducing Palmers Island Mulloway

Mulloway, also known as Jewfish, is a much sought after fish recognised as one of the finest tasting fish in Australia. It has a firm, white flesh, is low in fat and high in Omega 3s.

As the global demand for fresh seafood increases, so does the pressure on the world’s wild stocks. Aquaculture is one way to guarantee the survival of many threatened species, on which the world’s delicate ecosystem depends.

Palmers Island Mulloway, situated at the Clarence River in Northern New South Wales, is a pioneer in aquaculture, committed to providing a high quality product that is environmentally responsible and ecologically sustainable. With increasing consumer awareness of environmental issues, Mulloway has created a land based estuary environment and use naturally occurring algae as the biological filter to break down uneaten feed and fish waste.

Andrew Carroll, 2010 Young Farmer of the Year, has created a product that is free of chemicals, antibiotics & hormones. We are delighted to feature Palmers Island Mulloway on the menu.