We are delighted to have now opened our doors after many months of research, planning and creating. It has certainly been an enlightening journey to realise our vision for love.fish. Our concept seemed simple – provide great seafood in the most sustainable way possible – but at times this has proved to be a harder task than anticipated!

Thankfully, we are now living in a time of consumer awareness and forward thinking companies realise that producing environmentally sensitive products or reducing their impact on the environment is the way forward. There are so many wonderful products and services out there that give back to our planet – you just have to find them!

The love.fish goal is to showcase how wonderful sustainable seafood can be through simplicity, consistency & quality. We hope you embrace our friendly, casual dining and restaurant quality take home with lots of healthy nutritious options for you & your family.

We are thankful to have received so much encouragement and support from friends and the local community. Your feedback is essential to our success so please come in, introduce yourselves, share a meal and let us know what you think!

Through love.fish we hope to promote a positive message – we believe you can run a business and make a positive contribution to society. Life is not just about the bottom line. Ultimately we want to run a business our children will be proud of.

We look forward to sharing the love.fish experience with you,

Michael & Michelle